Bulk Upload Tools

Are you a small business selling through eBay, Amazon or Magento? Our bulk upload tools could save you time and money!

YodelDirect's Bulk Upload Tools

How often do you need to send multiple parcels at the same time? Perhaps you run an ecommerce website or an eBay store, or you often send gifts to far flung places. YodelDirect has made it even easier to order multiple parcel collections using one of our clever Bulk Shipping Tools.


Entering delivery details for multiple parcel can be a pain. It can take a long time to order multiple collections and it can involve lots of repetition. Manual ordering makes administration much more difficult and it's easy to make a mistake. With our Bulk Shipping Tool, you can streamline the process and order your parcel deliveries in a flash. In fact, our clever web-based tool does most of the hard work for you!

Save Time

The Bulk Shipping Tool from YodelDirect allows you to send parcels quicker than ever before. In fact, you can order deliveries for up to six parcels per minute!

Simply upload your orders using our CSV template. The tool automatically fills in the width, length, height and weight for each item, saving you lots of time on multiple collections.

But there's more. Our Bulk Shipping Tool automatically prints out your labels as you order, so there's no need to download each file, open and print, just confirm the details and you're done.

Save Money

When you use our Bulk Shipping Tools, you'll be given the same prices as you're used to seeing on the main Quick Quote page. You'll still benefit from all the same great rates we offer to all YodelDirect customers and will still have access to all our services.

You'll still be able to pay using your preferred credit card or checkout method, or your YodelDirect pre-paid account.

Easy To Use

Our Bulk Shipping tool is designed to be user-friendly, so you can get up and running straight away. Whether you're a novice YodelDirect user or you've been sending parcels with us for a while, you'll find our Bulk Shipping Tools really easy to use.